Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Office worker fired for “SHOUTY” emails

An office worker was fired for sending e-mails in capital letters and red lettering, a tribunal heard. Vicki Walker, a financial adviser, was being too 'confrontational' when she sent out her 'shouty' e-mails, her former employer claimed. In one e-mail, she typed: 'TO ENSURE YOUR STAFF CLAIM IS PROCESSED AND PAID, PLEASE DO FOLLOW THE BELOW CHECKLIST.' General Netiquette rules say people should avoid typing in capitals, which is considered to be shouting or yelling. But Ms Walker had the last reply when she was awarded UK£ 7000 = 11,220.3 U.S. dollars for unfair dismissal in Auckland, New Zealand. While the e-mails caused disharmony, she received no warnings about losing her job in 2007, the panel found. ProCare also had no e-mail style guide, meaning staff could not be certain about what communication was appropriate.

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