Friday, July 20, 2007

Gone in 60 Seconds

Pepper Ann an eight-year-old Lab-German shorthair mix devoured more than $700 from a woman's purse.

"She's eaten lipstick, so lipstick gets all over the carpet, ball point pens all over the carpet, toothpaste, shampoo," Hulleman recalled. "She's done a lot, Kleenex, she'll eat a whole box of Kleenex if she can get it."

Recently, Pepper Ann topped even those feats. She and her sibling Zach were at Grandma's house, while Debbie and her husband were on vacation. Grandma had a friend over, who left a purse on the ground despite instructions not to leave anything in Pepper Ann's reach.

Sounds like the movie Gone in 60 Seconds when the dog ate the car keys.

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