Monday, July 30, 2007

Remains of Four Infants Found on Maryland Mom's Property,2933,291377,00.html
July 30, 2007

OCEAN CITY, Md. — A mother of four charged in the death of her new baby and suspected in the killing of three other infants whose remains were found on her property Monday may have been "self-aborting," authorities told Fox News.
Investigators found three tiny bodies wrapped in plastic at the home of Christy Freeman, 37, who is facing murder chargers in the death last week of her newborn child, police said. Authorities were still searching the property, using a backhoe to excavate the yard.
None of the bodies was full-term, and only the death that Freeman had already been charged with was recent, said Ocean City Police spokesman Barry Neeb.
"The rest could be a number of years old," he said.
According to investigators, cadaver dogs have indicated that additional human remains could still be discovered on the property, though no additional bodies have been found so far in the search of the yard. The search could take up to three days to complete, police said.
The remains of two infants were found in bags along with what investigators believe to be a placenta in a trunk in Christy Freeman's bedroom, and another was in a garbage bag found in a motor home parked in her driveway, police said. The remains were sent to the chief medical examiner in Baltimore to determine the causes of their deaths, their ages and if they were related to Freeman.
Freeman, who has four other children, came to authorities' attention on Thursday while she was hospitalized. Medical personnel called police after determining she had been pregnant but could not account for the newborn child. VIDEO

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