Sunday, July 29, 2007

Top 30 New Extreme Sports (MEGA-GALLERY)

Check out the pictures and videos of these intense new sports.

New Extreme Sports With Mega Air
Mega Ramp Skateboarding - 100 Foot Jumps to Become the Standard? (VIDEO)

Flybar Elastomeric-Spring Pogo Stick (VIDEO)

Powerising - Jumping Stilts (VIDEO)

Landing Without a Parachute - Bird Man Suits

Sky Diving From Space (If You’re Crazy)

Extreme Sports With Cables (You’re a Chicken)
Super Swings - 700 Foot Swing on World’s 2nd Highest Steel Tower (VIDEO)

Batman Rope Ascending - The Atlas Powered Rope Ascender (VIDEO)

This device is called the Atlas Rope Ascender… Check out the video! [More]

Ridewire - Trick Out While Hanging From Cables (VIDEO)

Vertical Soccer - Adidas Billboard Comes to Life

New Extreme Snow Sports
KTraking - Track Drive and Ski Kit for Your Bike (VIDEO)

Ski Biking - SMX is the BMX for Snow

New Sports You Won’t Understand

Carpet Skates - A Great Way to Break Your Arm (VIDEO)

Bossaball - Volleyball + Soccer + Gymnastics (VIDEO)

New Watersports
Jet Boarding - Extreme Sports of the Future

Jetbiking – 1250cc, 165 horsepower, 60mph Grand Prix motorcycle for the water

Human Powered Hydrofoil Water Scooting (VIDEO)

Nuclear Globing - Play in a Giant Bubble

New Underwater Sports
Underwater Ice Hockey World Championship

Underwater Golf Tournaments

Disabled Become Abled
Bilateral Amputee Sprinting - Athlete Makes Controvercial Bid for Able-Bodied 2008 Olympics (VIDEO)

Extreme Wheelchairing - Including Wheelchair Half Pipe (VIDEO)

Golf Innovation
Ice Golfing - World Ice Golf Championship (GALLERY)

Long Distance Golfing - Man Golfs Across Mongolia

Random New Sports
Ostrich Racing

Trikke Riding - An Innovative Three Wheeled Scooter (VIDEO)

Hover Scooting - The Levitating Hover Scooter

Hover Scooting - Eco-Friendly Easy-Glider

Naughty New Sports
Pole Dancing Exercise - Sexy Movements Become the Latest Form of Exercise (VIDEO)

Naked Workout Clubs - Get Buff at the Gym

Pillow Fighting Now a Sport (GALLERY)

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