Sunday, December 30, 2007

Small Bits of News

Little Kids Break-In, Take Christmas Gifts
Police in New Jersey said it was a typical holiday Grinch tale: A home was broken into on Christmas Eve, and wrapped presents were stolen off a kitchen table.
Little did they know the culprits were kids.
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Why You Shouldn't Lie; It Comes Back To Haunt You
A burglary suspect who gave authorities a phony address when he was arrested ended up being a victim of robbery himself -- and supplied police with his real address when reporting the crime.
Authorities in New Bedford, Massachusetts, say they arrested three people accused of robbing the suspect.
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Two Arrested At City Police Headquarters
Two men were arrested Friday morning by Prichard police after the men arrived at police headquarters in a stolen car with a small bag of marijuana plainly visible on the car's center console, authorities said.
Prichard police Maj. Marvin Whitfield said he and other officers detected the strong odor of marijuana when one of the men rolled down one of the car's windows and opened a door.
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