Monday, February 25, 2008


A homeless man called 911 from a pay phone in the 1200 block of South U.S. 1. A police officer found him sitting on the ground intoxicated. At first the man told police he called 911 to report a fight. No one else in the area saw a fight. The man then told the officer he called because he had nowhere else to go and wanted to go to jail. The officer left the man. A few minutes later, the man called 911 again. He told the officer he wanted somewhere to sleep. He was arrested for abusing 911.
An officer reported to the 1900 block of Southwest Capri Street on a child-abuse tip. When the officer arrived, he saw a 9-year-old girl standing outside in 55-degree temperatures in only a halter top and pants. The girl went inside when he got out of his car. The girl's father spoke with the officer and told him the girl was sleeping and was not outside. The officer placed the father in the squad car while he spoke with the girl. She told the officer her father told her to stand outside as bait for her mother to return home. She had been standing outside for five minutes when the officer arrived. The father was arrested for child abuse.
A driver did not stop at a stop sign at the intersection of Eighth Street and Avenue D. He was pulled over. There was alcohol on his breath. He was arrested for driving under the influence. While driving to the county jail, the man slipped his right hand out of the handcuffs and banged on the partition, causing the mechanical lock to stop working properly. He opened the partition and hit the officer in the face. The man then tried to choke the officer. Other officers helped secure the man, who resisted violently. He was handcuffed and placed in leg irons. He was also charged with battery on a law enforcement officer.
A man and a woman had just gotten back to their home in the 300 block of Southwest Tulip Boulevard. The woman's brother-in-law was watching TV with four of his friends. He left to drop them off at their homes. However, they returned half an hour later and attacked the man. They kicked him, took his wallet, cellphone, car keys and money clip. One of the attackers was about to hit him with a metal pole, but one of the other attackers dissuaded him. They realized that the woman had called 911 and they left. The attackers also stole a radar detector, several CDs and a pocket knife from the man's car. The officer was able to reach the brother-in-law by telephone and informed him that there will be a warrant for his arrest. He and his friends will be charged with armed robbery, battery and auto burglary.
About 11 p.m., a man was walking along Northwest Bayshore Boulevard when a man grabbed him from behind and placed a metal object against his back and demanded his money. The robber stole $100. The man did not call police until 4 p.m. the next day.
A girl was riding her bicycle on Southwest Thanksgiving Avenue when a vehicle with three men approached her. The man in rear passenger seat shot a BB gun at her and then drove away. No one was arrested.
For two hours a car drove along Southwest Lexington Street honking its horn. While a police officer spoke with the complainant, the driver returned. The officer stopped the vehicle. The driver became irate and hostile when the officer questioned him. When the officer tried to arrest him, he resisted. The man started yelling and refused to comply. Several residents came outside their homes because of the commotion. The man was arrested for resisting arrest and breach of peace.
After being released from jail, a woman returned to her home in the 2400 block of Southeast Addison Street. She was making a bagel when her husband started arguing with her about her legal situation. She became upset and threw the bagel at her husband, hitting him in the face. She stormed out to her friend's house. Her husband called police. Police found her and questioned her. She told police that her husband knocked the plate out of her hand and when she was trying to catch the plate, she accidentally hit him in the face. Because of the conflicting stories, neither was arrested.
Police responded to a suicide call in the 500 block of Southeast Tanner Avenue. A woman told police she was arguing with her boyfriend because her boyfriend's grandfather gave their 6-month-old baby apples with cinnamon. She became upset and pushed him, but she did not try to kill herself. She was arrested for domestic violence battery.
Port St. Lucie Police

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