Thursday, February 28, 2008

Small Bits of News

CD’s are an endangered species
More teenagers ignoring CDs, report says
48% of teenagers bought no CDs at all in 2007, up from 38% in 2006. Music downloads continue to grow, though, with iTunes leading the way.
The only reason they would buy a CD is for collection purposes. For instance, when the new CD (whenever that is) comes out that they would prefer having the CD case just to add to their collection.
Viagra overdose gives man blue vision
A sex-starved divorcé who defied doctors to order an extra dose of Viagra online has blamed the sex drug for turning his vision blue. Heating engineer John Pettigrew, 58, ignored doctors' warnings and topped up prescription pills with tablets bought on the internet after enduring a year without sex. Now he is suffering from a permanent vision change which turns everything he sees into shades of blue.
Picked the Wrong Bar
SYDNEY, Australia (AP) - An armed robber picked the wrong target when he raided an Australian bar where a biker gang was holding a meeting. He ended up hog-tied and in a hospital.
The man and an accomplice, wearing ski masks and waving machetes, stormed into a club in a western Sydney suburb shortly before 9 p.m. Wednesday and yelled at patrons to lie down as they tried to rob the cash register, police said Thursday.
About 50 members of the Southern Cross Cruiser Club had just started a club meeting in another room, and the bikers jumped up to intervene.
One robber escaped by leaping over a balcony, while the other tried to flee through a service entrance, the club's president, who identified himself only as "Jester."
"We caught him at the fence and crash-tackled him and hog-tied him to the ground and waited for the police to get there," Jester said.
"I don't think he did his homework very well," Jester said of the ringleader. "He picked the wrong night."
Woman cheated bottle deposit
KOPING, Sweden, Feb. 27 (UPI) -- Police in Koping, Sweden, said a woman was caught using a fishing line to cheat a bottle deposit machine at a supermarket while her young son shoplifted.
A police spokesman said the 42-year-old mother was spotted by a security guard at Willys supermarket using a single recyclable bottle attached to a fishing line to claim multiple deposits. The woman allegedly instructed her 11-year-old son to shoplift from the store while she used the machine.
Not once but, twice
Feb 27, 2007 - PLAISTOW, N.H. - Police said the same man tried to rob the same bank, wearing the same clothes and telling employees the same thing on Tuesday as he did two weeks ago. The outcome was not the same.
Two weeks ago, the robber got away with cash from the Sovereign Bank branch. On his second attempt, tellers refused to give him money and he took off empty-handed.
Police and bank employees said it was the same guy. The robber said he had a gun and demanded money both times.
Witnesses told police the man got away in a black Chevrolet Avalanche with New Hampshire license plates that contained the numbers 223.

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