Thursday, March 20, 2008


Australian man commits suicide with killer robot
An 81-year-old man, from Australia's Gold Coast built a suicide 'robot' using plans downloaded from the internet before it blasted him to death. The man, who lived alone, was said to be struggling with plans by relatives to move him into a care home. He trawled the web for hours searching for a way to kill himself and downloaded instructions to build a complicated machine able to remotely fire a gun. After setting up the device in his driveway with a .22 semi-automatic pistol loaded with four bullets, he put himself in front of it and set it off. The machine fired a number of shots at the elderly man's head, which alerted a next-door workman to make the grisly discovery. Full story here and there's a news video here.
This 'robot' is amazing -- but creepy.

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