Saturday, April 5, 2008

Small Bits of News

'Tom Cruise Purple' Medical Marijuana Has Actor Smoking Mad
A blend of medical marijuana called "Tom Cruise Purple" may bring legal action from the actor, the New York Daily News reports.
Cannabis clubs in Northern California allegedly are selling vials of the marijuana with a picture of Cruise laughing hysterically, the Rush & Molloy column reports.
The columnists said employees of several California medical marijuana clinics refused to discuss their herbal varieties, and the actor's lawyers are looking into the claim.
Click here to read more on this story from the New York Daily News.
Honor Armed Robbery
Two men are behind bars accused of robbing a Benzie County gas station at gunpoint, but officers say it really wasn’t a surprise. Deputies say hours before the armed robbery the two gunmen warned the cashier they were coming and gave her a detailed plan of the crime.
Court order protection for duck
A court order of protection has been issued for a duck which was allegedly attacked by a Long Island man. "Circles" the duck is arguably the most endangered and most protected duck in America. "I'm surprised. So is she I guess," owner Janet Lippincott said with a laugh. "She's the most protected duck in the world now." With news video.
Widow sues prostitutes for £1million after husband dies in sex romp
The widow of a wealthy businessman, who suffered a fatal heart attack while he was romping with two prostitutes, is suing the pair for £1.1million.
The victim, who had a heart condition and was, aged only 38, asked the hookers to come equipped with a special sex toy that stimulates him with electric shocks as a special Christmas treat.
The bill for the special treatment, plus three bottles of champagne and some Ecstasy tablets, came to more than £2,000.
Lawyer Yvan Naessens, who represents the widow, said the prostitutes encouraged the victim - who was a regular client - to drink, take the drugs and have sex although he appeared unwell.
The two prostitutes, who have not been named, are contesting the amount of the damages the widow is claiming. The case is due to be heard by an Antwerp court next month.
Man in wheelchair wanted for bank robbery
The FBI is looking for an unusual bank robber who held up a Wachovia Bank branch at the Stanford Shopping Center on Thursday in Palo Alto. Authorities described the suspect as a bearded man in his 60s who was in an electric wheelchair. Investigators said he rolled into the bank around 4:30 p.m., pointed a gun at a teller and demanded money. They said he took the cash and drove out of the bank in the wheelchair.

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