Monday, May 5, 2008

Why you need to wait for trains

I live by railroad tracks and see stupid things all the time.
Two weeks ago a teenager crawled under a stop train and the train moved. He was lucky and nothing happened this time.
Trains don't stop for no one and it takes them a quarter mile to stop
You never stop on a railroad track.
If you can't cross the tracks you stop and wait for the train.

AN EIGHT-year-old girl watched in horror as her mum was hit and killed by a Cairns-bound tourist train as she raced to retrieve fishing gear.
The 45-year-old Tully woman was on a family fishing trip to Saltwater Creek bridge, near Aeroglen Rd, Aeroglen when the accident happened at 5pm on Saturday.
A police spokeswoman said the woman apparently saw the train approach but fatally tried to collect fishing gear off the tracks.
It is believed the woman told her daughter to get off the bridge while she tried to get the fishing gear.
As a powerful locomotive raced toward his mother's minivan, a quick-thinking Long Island boy became a lifesaver and lifted a railroad crossing gate to let their trapped vehicle and another off the tracks. The gate came down on the windshield of Jackie Murphy's Dodge Caravan as she crossed the tracks in East Rockaway, trapping the van and a delivery truck behind her in the path of a speeding train. As his mother froze, 11-year-old Ryan Murphy leaped into action. "I was thinking about saving my mom," he said. "I don't even remember much of what happened."

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