Saturday, June 28, 2008

Drunk got himself in hole lotta trouble

"He was stuck, right up to his chest.
To make matters worse, 100 giggling shoppers looked on, filming his embarrassment on phone cameras.
"The man said he’d gone in feet first to retrieve a lighter he’d dropped in the hole and got stuck. He’d had a few to drink. He was in a terrible state.
One onlooker, builder Gareth Hughes, 29, said yesterday: "He was wedged in so tight we’d have pulled his arms out of their sockets if we’d pulled any harder.
"Once the firemen arrived, they strapped a rope round him, beneath his armpits, and winched him out."
Some NSFW language.
Man stuck in hole, part 1

Man stuck in hole, part 2

Man stuck in hole, part 3

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