Friday, January 30, 2009

Apparently not all cows are vegetarians

Some of them likes chicken every now and then.
Anonymous said...
You're really sick for posting that up. I don't know what kind of sick ass shit runs through your mind but you need a shrink if you like to see baby animals get eaten. Sick fuck, get some therapy. BTW, your site is going down the tubes.
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My main goal is to post mostly "Strange and Unusual" news and pictures however some days there are only a small selection to choose from so I fill in with other things like hot women, jokes and other things of interest. Even though I can not please everyone all the time I like to please everyone most of the time.
Scheme Factory said...
Dear Anonymous,
Welcome to the Sickfuck Club, anonymous!
Anonymous are you a VEGETARIAN?
I gave all kinds of information in the title and in the post you did not have to watch it.
What did you think someone cooked up some chicken and gave it to the cow?
Anyone that has watched any kind of nature films or National Geographic or any other films that includes animals you will see things like this it's called "FOOD CHAIN"
By the way it is the people in the background that are sick because they didn't try to stop it from happening and cheered about it.
By the way if anyone is sensitive about this material I do have a "ALL FAMILY" blog that's appropriate for all. There is no Sex, Violence or anything else to offend anyone.
However, if you comment make sure you use no offending remarks or language.
Tattoo Jim said...
Makes you wonder... maybe everything tastes like chicken to a cow.
You know, If you're offended and you've got to piss and moan about it don't hide behind "anonymous"... put your handle out there.
trail dust said...
…Anonymous said …“BTW, your site is going down the tubes”…
Sorry, no I’m not sorry, but I have to disagree as it is my morning ritual to check this site while I’m eating bacon. Small Bits & Pieces kicks bacon ass!

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