Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

22-Year-Old's Virginity Auction Hits $3.7 Million
A San Diego woman who is auctioning off her virginity said she has now received a bid of $3.7 million, according to a published report.
Natalie Dylan, a 22-year-old San Diego woman, said she got the idea for the auction after her sister was able to pay for her college education after prostituting herself for three weeks.
Dylan has a degree in women's studies. She told the paper she hopes to pay for an advanced degree in family and marriage therapy with the proceeds from the auction.
She told the Telegraph that she doesn't think she's the only one who will be benefit from the auction.
"I think me and the person I do it with will both profit greatly from the deal," Dylan told the paper.
Minnesota Woman Tried to Set Boyfriend on Fire
A St. Cloud woman is in jail after police say she tried to set her boyfriend on fire using a lighter and air freshener.
Investigators say the 49-year-old woman is accused of pouring fingernail polish remover on the victim and the blanket covering him, then trying to light him on fire.
The victim was able to take the air freshener from the woman. Police say she then hit him on the back of the head and bit him several times. As the man tried to call police, the woman ripped the phone cord out of the wall.
The woman is in the Stearns County Jail on suspicion of domestic assault and interfering with a 911 call.
Man accused of selling daughter for cash, beer
Police have arrested a Greenfield California man for allegedly arranging to sell his 14-year-old daughter into marriage in exchange for $16,000, 100 cases of beer and several cases of meat.
Police said they only learned of the deal after the 36-year-old man went to them to get his daughter back because payment wasn't made as promised Calls Cops to Complain He Wasn't Paid. The man was arrested Sunday on suspicion of human trafficking.
Officers also arrested an 18-year-old man on suspicion of statutory rape. Investigators believe the girl went willingly with the man, but she's under California's legal age of consent and can't legally marry.
Police say arranged marriages involving underage girls have become a problem in this small Central Coast farming community.
Police find no one in shed after 3-hour standoff
Salt Lake City police were in a three-hour standoff outside a shed behind a Salt Lake City home before finding out there was nobody inside. The standoff started Thursday after police got a report from a woman living inside the house that she saw her roommate's estranged boyfriend enter the shed with a gun.
Officers secured the area, but after clearing the house and sending K-9 dogs to the shed, they found it was locked and there was no one there.
Some neighbors had been evacuated and police shut down a portion of a city street near the house.
Ark. funeral home no haven for meth lab
A funeral home might be a place for eternal rest, but police say an Arkansas man saw an opportunity to build a methamphetamine lab undisturbed by the living.
There was just one problem - the funeral home was across the street from the sheriff's office.
Officers say Robert Lee Lewis left the light on in the basement of the Higginbotham Funeral Home in Walnut Ridge on Dec. 3. Officers noticed the light on after hours and walked into the funeral home through an open door.
Inside, police say they found all the components necessary to build a meth lab. Officers arrested the former funeral home employee when he returned.
The 43-year-old faces several drug charges and is free on $2,500 bond pending a Jan. 21 court hearing.

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