Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weddings can be filled with memories good and bad

Couple Weds at Taco Bell
Wedding bells meant Taco Bell for Paul and Caragh Brooks.
Customers inside the fast-food restaurant continued to order tacos and burritos as the couple sat Friday in an orange booth at Taco Bell and exchanged vows.
"It's appropriate," groom Paul Brooks said. "It's an offbeat relationship."
Employees displayed hot sauce packets labeled with the words "Will you marry me?" They decorated the restaurant with streamers and balloons.
The bride wore a $15 hot pink dress and the entire wedding cost about $200. Several dozen guests looked on as the couple's friend, Ryan Green of Normal, administered the vows while wearing a T-shirt. He was ordained online.
"This is the way to go — there's no stress," said the groom's mother, Kathy Brooks.
Caragh Brooks, 21, of Australia, met Paul Brooks, 30, on an Internet dating Web site. They already had the same last name.

Bat, Maggot Invasion Ruins Australian Couple's $30,000 Wedding
Friends, family, fine wine, a $30,000 investment and a year and a half of planning: it should have been the perfect wedding.
But Sydney couple Steve and Leigh Buttel claim unwanted guests — including maggots in their wedding bed and bedroom invasions by bats — turned their wedding into a bride's worst nightmare.
The couple and family members arrived at Peppers Creek in Australia on Nov. 28, a day before the wedding.
They stayed in accommodation known as The Yacht Club and The Racquet Club, which is made up of four separate cottages adjacent to Peppers Creek Village.
By the time the group left three days later, the newlyweds had found maggots described by the groom as "the size of chocolate bullets" in their wedding bed and a dead bat, covered in maggots, above their bedhead.
One guest awoke in the early hours of the morning with a reaction to what he believed were insect bites and spent the night on a couch.
Other guests fled their room in the middle of the night when a bat emerged from the fireplace and "flapped around the room."

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