Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why post the Today's Funny?

On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 1:23 PM, Jaderlund, David wrote:
why post the Today's funny?
the cartoons aren't funny, and are definitely not of the higher brow humor on the rest of the site. It looks like something from a Texaco station bathroom wall.
Do you owe the guy providing them money?
I throw in different things to see if someone might comment.
I do Small Bits and Pieces without any advertising so that means I don't get paid for the hours I put in every day. So I try to get people to comment more to make it so I have a reason to continue so please comment.
Anonymous said...
Hey man, I love your site, its one of the only ones I check throughout the day to keep me from going insane at work.. Thank you for updating it so regularly and a big Thank you for posting awesome stuff..
See it's not hard to do and it takes so little of your time to do it.
Scheme said...
Holy crap this is one of my favorite sites, too. What balls it took for that schmuck to criticize! Well, actually, I'd like to see more kittens-between-boobies pictures myself..
That is why I ask for comments so I can post things that people would like to see.
I see if I can find kittens-between-boobies pictures.
xunilhr said...
Keep up the great work.
Screw the panty waste dip wads that sit in the dark corners of their parents' basement, doing nothing but criticizing those who are doing something they don't have the energy, brain or talent to do.
There are three kinds of people in this world, those that make things happen, those that watch things happen, then the third for this waste, those that wonders what happened.
Thanks for the comments
.eddy from newswithdrawal blog said...
I love your site!
tattoo jim said...
I totally agree with your other fans! What a great site. I'm retired and with the aid of my MacBook, I like to hit a few blog sites. Yours is one of my favorites. The stranger the item the more it makes me wonder about this great experiment called life.
Rock on loud, long and strong!!!!
It is nice that you comment on this post however, I would like for you to comment on other posts so I get a idea on what other things you enjoy. This post started out about "Today's Funny" cartoons. Even though they are not "Strange" but do you like them? Otherwise I am trying to give my fans what they want. My main goal is to post mostly "Strange and Bizare" news and pictures however some days there are only a small selection to choose from so I fill in with other things like hot women, jokes and other things of interest. Even though I can not please everyone all the time I like to please everyone most of the time.
That's enough said about this subject.
tonytc said...
I have 6 favorite blogs and this is one of them...
Ok I need to comment more...thanks mate from Australia.

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