Saturday, January 10, 2009

WTF is this country doing

Florida Conservatives Fight for Repeal of Transgender Restroom Rule.

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — A blond girl heads from a playground into a women's restroom. A scruffy man, lurking outside, darts in behind her. "Your City Commission Made This Legal," the words on the TV screen read.
The dark ad came from opponents of a gender identity provision added last year to the city's anti-discrimination ordinance, which now allows the city's roughly 100 transgender residents to use whichever restroom they're most comfortable using.

Anonymous said...
It is obviously not the same door. The bricks are nothing similar.
Not that this is probably an issue. The photographs are not convincing.

I normally have and eye for detail but since I was on Fox News I thought it was legit.

However, maybe there were two entrances on different sides?

Tim said...
um, those are the same bricks, just from different angles, the girl is filmed from a low angle where as the camera has move right and up for the photo of the guy. Might be important to pay attention to details before running your mouth.

Brit Boy said...
I disagree, your just not looking at the right angle, the bricks are the same if you compare them with the door plate, looks legit

Looks can be deceiving since one is a color and the other is black and white.

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