Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Café gone to the Toilet

Coffee shop bosses in Vienna have installed toilets around the walls of the café to help male customers relax.
"The lavatory is one of the last places in the world where men can sit and relax without women or other distractions. We just want our customers to feel at home," said owner Stefan Holz.
The café has even been given a new name - 'A quiet place' - to reflect what's on offer to customers.
The ornamental toilets are not functional and the café is not a men-only venue - however, it's regulars are virtually all male.
"It's strange but I do actually feel more at ease when I'm sitting in here surrounded by toilets. After all, a man's toilet is his throne," said customer Andreas Reider, 44.
Tattoo Jim said...
Yeah, wait till the first smart ass takes a dump in one of those.
Talk about raising a stink!

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