Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's a sick, sad world out there, for sure!

Sex doll left on the doorstep but it's not a crime, say police
A retired builder called police after a blow-up doll with an explicit message was left on his doorstep.
Harry Cullen, 60, was shocked to find the inflatable doll outside his front door.
The doll, a blonde female, was in a bin liner and came with a rude message scribbled on some paper, including the words 'Please look after me'.
Mr Cullen says he was the victim of pranksters, and wants police to investigate what he says is harassment.
Man caught using sex dolls in store parking lot
A disturbing sight for some families doing their evening grocery shopping, as a man is caught with inflatable sex dolls in a busy parking lot.Witnesses tell us the man wasn't even trying to hide what he was doing outside the Publix off Veterans Parkway around five o'clock Wednesday night.
Witnesses say it was happening in the very first spot in the parking lot in front of the main entrance, where passers-by had to walk right by everything as they were going inside the store.
"The management asked him to leave, he refused, he was very arrogant, said he had no reason to leave," the witness said. "They told him it was inappropriate, he said it wasn't, at that point I did intervene, I yelled at him, I told him I had my children in the car. He became very arrogant toward me."
The couple says the man didn't seem to care that police were on the way to arrest him.
Tattoo Jim said...
It is indeed, a very sick, sad world!!!
Just one more bit of proof that humankind is a failed experiment.
Dude, do it in you own home if you have to do it!!! Do it in the far end of the parking lot!!!
Do it somewhere else where people don't have to go by you to get into a store.
Just a little respect for your fellow travelers!!!!
That's the problem in the world there are too many people that don't care about the other person they just think about themselves.
trail dust said...
The look on the blow up doll’s face is the funniest thing I have seen. It looks as if it is still screaming to get that perv off it. Not only that but they left the doll leaning against the window “screaming” in the car while it’s being towed down the street.

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