Saturday, February 7, 2009

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Man asks airport security to 'please throw that away'
An Atlanta man was arrested while trying to board a flight from Northwest Florida Regional Airport to Atlanta and faces charges of possession of a controlled substance.
James Allen Leonard, 56, was going through the screening process when officials discovered a razor in his wallet. A screening agent opened the wallet and discovered the razor in a clear plastic baggie, as well as a smaller baggie that contained a white powder.
While showing the items to a supervisor, the supervisor overheard Leonard say, "Can you please throw that away. This will ruin my career."
The substance tested positive for crystal methamphetamine, according to the arrest report.
Leonard stated that he had cancer and that he obtained the substance from an "unknown Chinese herbalist" in the Atlanta area, the arrest report says.
Want something for free pretend you're a cop.
So why not a drink?
Rhett P. Hopkins of Sarasota thought he'd give it a try.
When he couldn't pay the $4 tab at a pub, he told the bartender he was an undercover cop on the job,
The 25-year-old argued with staffers at O’Malley’s Pub & Restaurant and even told a Sarasota cop that he worked for "Homeland Security."
A good try, but no. Now his $4 bar tab is a $1,750 bail tab.
Man loses wallet, spraying $100-bills on road
An Omaha Nebraska man is smiling with relief because a posse of strangers rounded up and returned more than $2,000 that spilled from his dropped wallet.
Anthony Burres says he was riding his motorcycle Thursday when the wallet loaded with hundred-dollar bills fell from his pocket onto the street.
Burres says a driver followed him for several blocks, flagged him down, and told him of his loss.
When he returned to the scene, he couldn't believe his eyes.
Several other drivers had stopped, picked up the money, and were waiting for him so they could return it.
Burres says only one $100-bill was missing from his original $2,500.
VW driver speeds off with officer hanging out the door
Maybe Bradford Sheldon should have just told the truth.
But no.
He gave the cop a fake name and Social Security number.
Then he refused to give the cop his keys when the cop asked for them.
Then as the cop struggled to get him out of the car, Sheldon drove off.
Unfortunately, the cop's upper body was still in the car and his feet dangled outside.
Sheldon continued to drive, telling the officer to "just get out," even as the car zoomed along at 80 mph.
Finally a crash. Sheldon tried to escape. The cop even tasered him but that didn't stop him.
Finally the cop tackled and arrested him.
Sheldon had just been released last fall from the Marion Correction Institution after serving more than a year for credit card fraud and cocaine possession.
Maybe he missed the big house.
No problem, 'cause he just earned the cell key.
Timing is everything. Even in crime.
Suspected gang members pick wrong house for home invasion
If the four admitted members of the "Mexican Mafia" arrived at their target home an hour later, it would have been empty.
If they arrived an hour earlier, they'd have surprised their intended victims.
As it happened, they arrived at the home at the precise time the Polk County cops were on the scene making an arrest.
Bad timing, indeed.
The cops were arresting six people at the home when four armed men drove up in a car.
The gang member told cops that someone at the residence owed drug money to his gang.
So the cops had a full(er) paddywagon.
A total of 10 suspects were arrested.
Bad timing for this gang.
Good timing for the good guys.
Sign Warns of British Invasion
A hacked electronic highway sign in northern Texas carried a warning not thought about in several centuries.
On Friday, the sign briefly flashed: "OMG The British R coming. They R watching you."
The electronic sign was in a construction area in southwest Lubbock.
The Texas Department of Transportation said the mobile sign belongs to a contractor.
A statement from Austin Bridge & Road said someone "with a questionable sense of humor" accessed the password on the message board.
The company said the portable sign which was hacked has since been removed, after a permanent exit sign was installed.
Police had no word yet on the culprits.
Cannabis Milkman Avoids Jail
A 72-year-old milkman who supplied cannabis to customers on his round has been given a thirty-six-week suspended sentence. Robert Holding provided drugs to elderly customers, one of who was in her nineties.

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