Sunday, February 15, 2009

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Firefighters get an eyeful when they responded to call
A ruckus at the Black Angus Inn on Gambell Street ended with the hotel flooded, a man under arrest for assault and firefighters who were trying to control the sprinkler system mooned by an unruly guest.
A bare-bottomed woman ended up in jail after refusing to leave the crew alone, according to police.
"She was drunk and obnoxious, getting in the way of the firefighters," police spokeswoman Anita Shell said. "She was mooning the firefighters, asking to see their penises."
Judge takes 12,000 words to clarify the meaning of tree
A High Court judge, Mr Justice Cranston, has taken 12,000 words to answer the question: What is a tree? The judge thought it necessary to spell out the exact legal definition of a tree because of confusion in the planning process. While trees could obviously be the object of tree preservation orders, the question remained about the status of saplings. For clarity the judge ruled that size did not matter, and that the smallest sapling was, legally speaking, a tree.

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