Monday, February 16, 2009

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Female Boxer Banned From Ring
The former model that turned boxer says it’s because of her breast implants.
Sarah Blewden, 25, of Poole, Dorset in England, told the newspaper that boxing officials will no longer allow her to fight because they fear repeated blows to the chests would ruin her false breasts and "damage her breast tissue."
Blewden began boxing two years ago as a way to keep in shape, but decided she had a real talent for it, so she applied to the Amateur Boxing Association. She said she had one day hoped to compete in the Olympics.
When the Association found out she had the implant surgery in 2003, officials denied her request to fight.
The Association’s medical expert told Blewden she was at risk of distortion, and the breast tissue’s blood cells could be damaged.
Blewden appealed, arguing she would wear a breast protector, but was denied.
"They are gel implants and not liquid, so they won’t burst," she said. "And if I suffer capsular contracture and need to pay for corrective surgery, then that is my decision."
Man With Anti-DWI Device Crashes Car While Intoxicated
A Long Island man whose car was outfitted with an anti-drunken-driving device rented another car and crashed it while intoxicated, police said.
The 27-year-old driver is in critical condition after the wreck around 6 a.m. Sunday in Brentwood, the Stony Brook University Medical Center said.
The driver agreed after a previous DWI conviction to have his car equipped with an ignition interlock device, according to Suffolk County police. The "blow and go" technology tests for alcohol in a driver's breath before letting the car start.
It's unclear when he acquired the rental car, which had no such device. Police say he lost control of that car and hit a utility pole.
The suspect is expected to be arraigned on a DWI charge.
Man Dies After Being Sprayed and Tasered by Deputies
A man running naked in the street died after he was shocked with a stun gun by Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies.
Deputies answering a disturbance call in suburban Lakewood at about 10:15 p.m. Saturday saw a man running naked in the street and acting irate, Deputy Keith Ho said. They tried to calm the man but he remained belligerent. When he advanced toward the deputies, Ho said they hit him with pepper spray and a taser electric stun gun.
Ho said after the man was handcuffed, deputies realized he wasn't breathing. They began CPR and paramedics were called but the man was pronounced dead at a hospital.
His identity hasn't been released, and the death is under investigation.

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