Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Man used dead roommate's cell phone to ask women's bra sizes
A northeast Pennsylvania man faces years in prison for allegedly using his dead roommate’s cell phone to call women and ask for their lingerie sizes while pretending to be a representative for Victoria’s Secret.
Cpl. James Edwards of the Pennsylvania State Police at Bloomsburg said that David Claude English, 53, of Berwick, Pa., could have called more than 200 women over this three month period.
English would call the women and ask them to participate in a non-existent free giveaway. He would then allegedly ask for the women’s underwear and bra sizes under the guise that he would send them correct items.
Police linked English to the crime after two victims put a trace on the calls. English initially claimed someone else had used the phone illegally.
50 Jobs, 50 States in a Year? 1 Man Gives it a Try
At a time when some people are having trouble finding one job, Daniel Seddiqui is lining up 50 — one in every state.
Each job symbolizes the state's most famous industry, and each lasts one week — just long enough for the 26-year-old to appreciate the labor and explore the region.
Since starting in Utah in the first week of September, he's been a park ranger in Wyoming, a corn farmer in Nebraska and a wedding coordinator in Las Vegas.
Last week, in Week 23 of his yearlong saga, he was a cheesemaker in southeast Wisconsin. He mixed ingredients, hoisted slabs of cheddar — and tasted plenty of his work.
Tattoo Jim said...
Imagine what his resume looks like...
It will show that he can't keep a job.

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