Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chinese police hand out chillies to keep drivers alert

Officers in country's south-west hit on novel road safety idea to stop motorists falling asleep at the wheel.
A driver eats raw chilli as instructed by a police officer at a service station in Chongqing
Police in south-west China are turning up the heat on accidents along some of the world's most dangerous roads by feeding drivers raw chilli.
Traffic officers in Chongqing are handing out the peppers at service stations to stop motorists falling asleep at the wheel.
Yuan Qinglai, the party secretary of the number four team of Chongqing highway police, said the move was inspired by two sleepy drivers from Hunan who were pulled over by officers and asked for peppers to keep them awake.
A total of 1.5kg of chilli had been handed out in just nine days

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