Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Follow Up

NIGGER HAIR Tobacco Tin from the early 1920's!!

Commercial from the movie Confederate States of America:
If the South Would Have Won.
Racist Mcdonald's Commercial
Strange and questionable advert for 'Nigger Hair' tobacco
Scroll Down on this one
strange and questionable advert for 'Nigger Hair' tobacco
strange and questionable advert for 'Nigger Hair' tobacco How times change, It is true to say that some horrible and distasteful things are there in the historical libraries. Just like the actions of some black tribes assisting the Arab and white slavers round up and enslave other black people, the word nigger really existed exists and because of dumb black homeys who calleach other 'nigger' will continue to exist.By the 1920's, the name of this tobacco had been changed to 'Bigger Hair' .You do not stop evil by pretending that it doesn't or didn't exist; if we do not LEARN (by reading and looking) we are BOUND to repeat those errors.

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The Man said...

Just to let everyone know I'm not Raciest against the African-American