Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hospital Food

A hospital-theme restaurant in Latvia is serving food resembling body parts with surgical utensils. Decked out in a sterile, modern medical environment and boasting scantily clad nurses, the Hospitalis in Riga serves hearty Latvian dishes and a macabre cake topped with realistic-looking body parts such as fingers, noses and tongues.
Served on gurneys and operating tables, the restaurant provides diners with cutlery such as syringes, tweezers and scalpels to devour their meals.
Owned by a group of local doctors, Hospitalis also has a trendy cocktail bar where bartenders in white lab coats mix drinks into beakers and test tubes.

Guests are treated to disturbing dinner entertainment including morbid tunes on violins, while deranged patients are escorted through the restaurant in straight jackets and wheelchairs.

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Tattoo Jim said...

Hmmmm.... and I'm the one on medications.... hmmmm....