Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Panties for Men

Girly underwear catering to men with a fetish for women's clothing are selling that's pleasing news to the manufacturer, Panties For Men, UnderPantiesForMen and Manites and XDress, LoveToKnow for links and details.


Toni said...

Just pray their male friends don't see them. It could start an epidemic!

Satin Jenni said...

I've been wearing womens lingerie all my life and I'm a masculine man. Most people would be totally shocked to know this about me ...my family however is in on my secret.
It's completely an innocent, harmless, passion. My personal choice of underwear for what ever motivation. I don't go out trying to pass as a woman, nor do I think of myself as such. I'm just thankful for such pretty underwear :)

Anonymous said...

i lik to no mor

Anonymous said...

Me to.