Monday, March 16, 2009

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Pothead in pokey, for placing potted pot on porch
The Tangipahoa Sheriff's office reports that a Kentwood man "growing his own" could have done a slightly better job at concealing his marijuana-growing operation. Police say an anonymous tip to narcotics agents led them to a home on Highway 1054 in Kentwood.
The tipster had advised that someone was growing marijuana at the address. Narcotic Agents say they didn't have to search very hard, finding nine potted marijuana plants on the home's front steps.
Their report shows that the homeowner gave consent to search the residence, where police say they also found several homemade marijuana smoking apparatuses and a glass container containing several marijuana seeds that appeared to in the germination stage on a bedroom window sill. Police arrested and charged Carlos " Trey" Ray Hoskins III with cultivation of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.
Suspect: I found 13.5 pounds of pot along U.S. 1
Jeffery Dean, 50, who runs the Dean-Lopez Funeral Home branch on Big Pine Key, was arrested at his house on Olivia Street in Key West. City police say they found 13.5 pounds of pot there -- and that Dean says he found it on the 18-Mile Stretch in Key Largo.
Police say they obtained a warrant to search the house based on a neighbor's complaint about "an increasing amount of short-stay and come-and-go traffic at all hours of the night." In addition to the pot, they reportedly found a digital scale.
Dean didn't oppose the search, and in fact told officers where the pot was, in two large plastic storage bins, an arrest affidavit says.
"When Jeffrey was asked about the marijuana, he said he found it on the side of the road. Jeffrey was asked which road and he said it was [U.S. 1], 18-Mile Stretch," the affidavit says.
Drunken friend drives to HQ to help DWI suspect
The Rockland County Sheriff's Department today arrested a man on a drunken driving charge after he came to headquarters to assist a friend who had been pinched on the same charge.
Sergei Marincenko, 22, of Fairview Avenue in Spring Valley, was arrested at 5:10 a.m. today and charged with operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol level of .08 percent and driving while intoxicated, both misdemeanors, the Sheriff's Department said.
Marincenko went to the Sheriff's Department to visit a friend who was under arrest for an unrelated DWI charge. Marincenko was seen driving his vehicle in a restricted area, was stopped and was found to be intoxicated, police said.
Man arrested after putting bite on elevator
A 24-year-old man who said he was high on cocaine was found biting an elevator door at the Westin Hotel at Town Center and then fought a police officer who tried to arrest him, according to court records.
William Catoe, of the 4000 block of Marlboro Drive in Virginia Beach, was "out of control" early Tuesday when the officer found him locking his teeth on the elevator door on the hotel's 11th floor, according to jail and court records.
Officer Brandon Foss tried to arrest Catoe for public intoxication but instead became Catoe's next target, and a fight ensued, a Circuit Court affidavit says.
Foss subdued Catoe and took him to a local hospital, where Catoe reportedly admitted injecting cocaine that was "crazy and bad." Officers searched his room and found syringes and a glass container with suspected cocaine, the affidavit says.
Catoe has been charged with malicious wounding, assaulting a police officer, attempting to disarm a police officer, disorderly conduct, drug possession and destruction of property.
Eleven-year-old girl charged with rape
Authorities seeing increase in juvenile sex offenders
Local law enforcement deals with sex offenders almost daily, but in the past couple of months, Zanesville police have dealt with one of the youngest cases officers can remember - an 11-year-old girl charged with three counts of rape.
Detective Randy Ritchason said the girl had some type of sexual contact with three other children - two boys and a girl -all under the age of 10. She was charged in Muskingum County Juvenile Court.
"I believe it's the youngest perpetrator we've had," Ritchason said. "We've had young teens before, but she is about the youngest I've ever dealt with."
Rhonda Hinkle, a supervisor with Muskingum County Children's Services, said the girl is a very rare case, but her office is continually seeing more and more children who are committing sex crimes, not just being victims.
"I think a lot of it has to do with society today," Hinkle said. "We have so many blended families today, we have all the technology that children at young ages are allowed access to and we have entirely different sets of values and issues then ever before."
Hinkle said her office investigates about 10 to 15 cases a month where a young person is the perpetrator of a sex abuse.
The crimes range from rape, gross sexual imposition, sexual imposition, pornography and even "sexting" - forwarding lewd images on cell phones.
Man Kills Girlfriend Over Beer, Then Has Sex With Her Corpse
Floridian Robert Conde, 41, told police he and Ruth Ann Trueblood were drinking together outdoors when she told him he couldn’t have more beer. He got so upset, he threw the defenseless 46-year-old woman on her back and punched her face until he knew she was dead. Conde then took off her pants and had sex with the body before covering it up and lying next to it. His girlfriend's body was later was found dumped behind a law office in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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