Saturday, March 21, 2009

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Toddler Found Walking Alone on Texas Street
Deputies say they found a toddler wandering alone on Jasper Texas street and methamphetamine and more than a dozen snakes in his mother's home.
Jasper County Sheriff Mitchell Newman said that Tamara Jones has been charged with endangerment of a child by criminal neglect and possession of a controlled substance.
Neighbors reported the wandering toddler Tuesday afternoon, and a deputy tracked down Jones. In her Buna home the deputy found methamphetamine and 16 snakes and one snake was about 8 feet long.
Someone has conscience and wishes to repay the debt.
A person who ate at an Indian restaurant 13-years-ago and left without paying the bill has sent £60 and a letter of apology to police.
The anonymous note said the meal at the Aroma in Mumbles near Swansea had not cost more than £10 but the rest of the money was compensation for the owner.
The restaurant was bulldozed a few years ago to make way for apartments.
South Wales Police are appealing for whoever ran it at the time to contact them so they can pass on the cash.
The letter - along with three £20 notes - was sent to Cockett Police Station.
It reads:
Dear Officer,
I have enclosed a sum of £60, as a way of compensation for not paying for food at a restaurant in 1996.
The total sum for the meal and drink was under £10.
However I have decide to pay a larger sum, as way of compensation.
I actually forgot that I didn't pay the restaurant owner for the meal, drink and waiter service.
But now I have remembered I would like to pay the restaurant owner the money that is owed to him/her.
The problem is that the restaurant has closed down. It was an Indian restaurant situated on Mumbles Road, opposite Verdi's, next to the old Pilot public house. Please could you also give my apologies to the owner.
Thank you
Woodpecker terrorizes south Tampa
The woodpecker normally prefers softwood deciduous trees...except in one south Tampa neighborhood.
"You would think people would commit a crime and it's just a measly little bird."
Yes, a crime, a senseless act of vandalism.
Car mirrors are now cracked and shattered, all the result of a woodpecker.
Virginia Judge offered sex toy so she could 'go screw herself'
Police were called to check harassment claims against a Sydney councillor who put a motion to buy a sex toy for NSW Fair Trading Minister Virginia Judge so she could go "screw herself".
Independent Strathfield councilman Danny Lim lodged the motion last month, recommending that the council purchase a vibrator for Ms Judge to encourage her "to stop screwing with the people of Strathfield and screw her- self instead". Council refused to table the motion.

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