Monday, March 23, 2009

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

£46 award for innocent man's 27 years in prison
Sean Hodgson, who spent 27 years in jail for a crime he did not commit, has been given just £46 by the government with which to restart his life.
The Prison Service has awarded the mentally ill former prisoner the equivalent of £1.70 for every year he was wrongly imprisoned.
The payout, a resettlement grant to help ease the victim of one of Britain's gravest miscarriages of justice back into society, was condemned as "the final insult" last night.
Julian Young, Hodgson's solicitor, said: "I am absolutely astounded. I find it quite unbelievable, it is scandalous that, in these exceptional circumstances, additional funds could not be found. He has served 27 years for something he didn't do and this is just insulting."
"London's Booze Bus"
An ambulance adapted to treat drunken revelers - originally used only on special occasions - will now run in central London three nights a week.
The so-called "booze bus" has been used for the past four years at New Year and other important festivities.
It will now be a regular feature of night life every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night and more are expected to be rolled out across London later.
It can take up to five people and eases the pressure on front-line ambulances.
The ambulance looks like any other from the outside, but contains equipment to help people who have had too much to drink - particularly extra buckets and blankets - while on their way to hospital.
Paramedic Toni Agnew, who also works in the "booze bus", said: "There has been a steady increase of drunken people, especially among youngsters."
Car has strange cargo
Man driving around with dead pony
Police Sgt. Albert Cabrera responded on Sunday to a call to a local store parking lot about suspicious activity. Someone had reported a man carrying around a dead pony in his car.
Sgt. Cabrera located a vehicle with a suspicious odor coming from it.
"I looked in the vehicle and saw what looked to be an animal in the vehicle, wrapped up in blankets with the tail sticking out," Sgt. Cabrera wrote in his report.
He found out who the car belonged to. It was an employee of the meat and produce department in the store. He went into the store and found the employee."I asked (the man) what did he have in his vehicle," Cabrera wrote, "and he replied a dead Shetland pony.
"I then asked him how long had he had his pony in the vehicle and he stated for a day," the sergeant said. "Then I asked him what did he plan to do with the pony, and he said he was trying to find a good place to lay it to rest. I then advised him that he needed to dispose of the pony as soon as possible, and he stated that he would do it on his lunch break."
The man then punched out for lunch and went to dispose of the pony.


Tattoo Jim said...

46 quid for 27 years of wrongful imprisonment??? And AIG executive's got how much for screwing up the industry??? There is something major wrong with the universe for things like this to happen... damn!!!

The Man said...

What was that employee going to do sneak in the back door cut it up and selling at the meat department in the store.

Anonymous said...

They have a "BIG DRINKING" problem.

Anonymous said...

Jim life isn't fair. People get used and abuse.