Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Talk about your snafu.

Airline Delivers Wrong Package to Pet Store
Workers at a pet store in Northeast Philly spent the day Tuesday freakin' out.
Yeah, I know. You're wondering what happened to the fish?
"They're still at the airport. Most likely dead," said pet store owner Mark Arabia.
And here's the ultimate irony: Jon Kenoyer, the man whose body ended up at the pet store, was a mailman. He hated to fly but as a practical joker, he loved a good laugh. His wife Mary says that's probably what he's having a laugh right about now.

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Dalton J. Fox said...

Dude should be a little more upset about being out a thousand bucks. And can you imagine the look on his face when he opened the box to find some dead guy laying there instead of some goldfish swimming around. That's gotta be one of those times where you'd swear you were on Candid Camera.

That is pretty nuts that they just send dead bodies in the same manner that they'd send a box of fish though.