Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Woman swallows engagement ring

If you're a guy who's planning a surprise engagement proposal to your girlfriend, think twice before you get too clever.
A Farmington man's clever plan didn't turn out as planned, but it sure did make for a memorable engagement.
Reed Harris planned a surprise engagement for his girlfriend Kaitlin Whipple.
The couple went to the local Wendy's, and invited a group of friends for milkshakes.
Harris put the engagement ring in Whipple's shake, and challenged everyone to a chugging contest.
Whipple won the contest, but her ring was nowhere to be found.
So off to the emergency room they went, where an X-ray proved that Whipple did swallow the ring.
After a few days and a lot of fiber, Whipple got her ring. She's now wearing it on her finger.
New Mexico woman swallows ring during wedding proposal.
.Tattoo Jim said...
What a stupid way to propose!
Oh well, maybe his stupidity, like something else, will pass!!!
For some people stupidity follows them through life.
Anon Y. Mous said...
Wendy's Milkshake chugging.
Sounds like the classic Land of Enchantment wedding proposal to me.

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