Friday, April 17, 2009

Brenden Adams, the world's tallest boy, who tops 7ft.

Brenden age13, from Ellensburg, Washington, is now 7ft 4 1/2ins tall but was born a normal 7lb 4oz. At 12 months he was the size of a three year-old.
By eight he was as big as an adult but doctors didn't know what was causing his growth spurt, until they discovered a problem with his chromosomes.


bill howse said...

brendon, even tho im 17 and your alittle younger, i wish i was your friend in real life =) your awsome

Jenn McPeake said...

Hayy Brenden Adams, i hope you see this, your one amazing guyy && wanna chill with you some dayy !!!

1gr8-ride said...

Hello Brenden, I was your chauffeur in Chicago when you were a guest on the Oprah show. Hope things are going well for you, and make your mom proud.