Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ok is there a Plan C or maybe a Plan D for Dumb Ass

Surveillance video caught one of two burglars in action as he tried to break down a door with his body.
The burglars were trying to break into a home on 36 Ave. North in St. Petersburg Florida by prying open a back door with a crow bar.
When that didn't work, one of the burglars backed up to the fence in the yard, took a "football stance" and ran toward the door. The burglar hit the door, bounced off it, landed on the ground and began rolling around in obvious pain.
After these burglary attempts failed, the suspects threw a brick through a window and entered the home. Once inside, the suspects set off the alarm and then fled. Nothing was taken from the residence.

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Tattoo Jim said...

Looks like some people turn to crime because they are just too fucking stupid to work at a real job. Dumb fuckers...