Thursday, April 23, 2009

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Mens Push-up Pants Fly Off Shelves
We've got guys who'd like to look bigger -- especially at the beach.
These push-up pants are designed to make the most of modest manhoods.
Similar in design to the Wonderbra, the briefs have a special pocket inside that thrusts the contents up and out.
Designer Roland Lodoli said they have been flying off the shelves since he launched them at his shop in Zagreb, Croatia.
He said: "Now I’m working on some swimwear for men for the summer so they never have to feel ashamed on the beach again — no matter how cold the water."
Shoplifter hides brillo pads in his pants
A 51-year-old Niceville man was charged with theft after store employees watched him put a bottle of Castor Oil and a box of brillo pads into the front of his pants.
He was stopped by employees as he attempted to leave the store with the Chore Boy Stainless Steel Scrubbers and the Castor Oil still concealed there.
He did not have the $4.18 to pay for the items, but said he would go to a nearby store where his wife worked and get the money.
He was arrested.
Tobacco spit leads police to suspects
Police in Wisconsin say a trail of chewing tobacco spit led them to two men accused of stealing a safe from a bar.
The pair have been charged with stealing a safe containing $3,000 in cash and beer tokens from a bar in the island town of Campbell.
The heavy safe, which had been bolted to a kitchen work top, was carried off but the nearby key was left untouched.
Police officers investigating the burglary were able to collect chewing tobacco spit that led away from the tavern.
DNA from the spit matched a 21-year-old man, from nearby La Crosse, who was promptly arrested.
From the La Crosse County Jail, he called a woman and asked that she get rid of the safe, which he thought was still in the trunk of the car she was storing for him.
A search of the car produced a receipt to another La Crosse man, also 21, from the day after the burglary for a hotel room about 30 miles from where the safe had been abandoned.

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Tattoo Jim said...

Tobacco spit DNA... not as glamorous as the stuff on CSI is it??