Monday, June 1, 2009

Guinness World Records Simultaneous Skinny-Dip Contest

How many people do you think can simultaneously skinny-dip across North America? Guinness World Records organization has agreed to create a new category for the largest number of people simultaneously skinny-dipping, and AANR is the contact association for this record event. AANR plans to coordinate skinny-dipping events at participating clubs and legally-sanctioned nude beaches throughout North America on Saturday July 11, 2009 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Nudist Time, to coincide with Nude Recreation Week.


Anon Y. Mous said...

How about a catagory called "Largest number of people contracting Gonorrhea at the same time"

Anonymous said...

Gonorrhea? This person before my post must be an MD...not! What a moron! lol Education people, use it so you don't look stupid in life!!! Get the facts before you say something!!! LOL

Tom Mulhall said...

There is still time to visit a nudist club for this fun event.

One of the best nudist resorts holding the skinny dip is The Terra Cotta Inn located in Palm Springs, CA where they will have fun ice cream social afterwards to celebrate.

Nothing beats cold ice cream and being naked on a warm sunny day.

For more information about Terra Cotta Inn's participation go to

Anonymous said...

"Largest number of people contracting Gonorrhea at the same time"

So what you are saying is that a normal swimsuit protects you from contracting an STD?

Or, do you never swim in a public area? Do you know the exact statistics on Gonorrhea contraction in public swimming pools? Probably not.

Anonymous said...

I participated in this event, and I must say it was loads of fun. There were many people there who were first timers, and they said they had a great time and would do it again next time. Oh, and I didn't get any STD's