Sunday, June 28, 2009

Man and his dog smells of “SHIT”

What started as a pleasant Midsummer’s Eve stroll had an unpleasant and smelly end for a man and his dog in eastern Sweden.
Thomas Sundberg and his dog Rex were walking near the Kramfors-Sollefte airport last week when Sundberg felt the ground give way beneath him.
Seconds later, man and dog found themselves nearly submerged in a hole filled with excrement. Fortunately, both Sundberg and Rex were able to escape from the slimy pool of filth.
"It stunk something fierce, I took off all my clothes off immediately then I called my wife and then ran naked to a nearby river where we jumped in the water to get rid of the worst of the shit. I just threw my clothes away."
The hole was actually a sludge lagoon maintained by Kramfors municipality to store and dry sewage from a number of wells.
Municipality representative Tomas Lundin promised to investigate the matter to determine why the area wasn’t properly marked.

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Dan said...

Literally in a "SHIT" Hole