Monday, June 22, 2009

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Jewel gang caught after getaway driver refuses to break speed limit
A getaway driver who refused to break the speed limit during a police chase led to a gang of jewel robbers being caught and sent to prison for a total of 20 years.
Neil Murray, 34 was behind the wheel of a stolen high speed Alfa Romeo when the robbers fled with £60,000 worth of gems from the heist.
Police quickly picked up their trail and were pursued in squad cars with overhead support from the force helicopter.
Within 30 minutes of fleeing the shop the three man gang was arrested and were on Saturday behind bars.
Detroit man confession I kill people for money
Hours after police plucked him out of a suburban alley, Vincent Smothers dropped a bombshell confession: "I don't have a profession," he told an investigator. "I kill people for money."
Then, police say, he laid out details of how each of eight hired hits happened. He stalked his victims before shooting them at close range. He killed some while talking on his cell phone and fired on others even when they appeared to lay lifeless on the ground.
Even in Detroit, which had more than 300 slayings last year, Smothers' case is notable: Rarely is one person charged in so many deaths. On Friday, his lawyers planned to ask a judge to have the confessions thrown out, arguing he was worn down while in custody. Police deny it.

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