Sunday, June 21, 2009

String of tampon machine thefts hit MSU

A heavy flow of break-ins and thefts from feminine-hygiene dispensers across campus led MSU Police to launch an investigation.
Apparently, a string of tampon machine thefts is plaguing the Michigan State University campus of late. The campus rag, The State News, is reporting the destruction and theft of money and perhaps content, of numerous tampon machines placed in women’s bathrooms.
The campus police are busy investigating the latest campus crime wave, noting the thieves have targeted machines in the the Chemistry Building, the Human Ecology Building and the Computer Center. MSU police Sgt. Florene McGlothian-Taylor said, "thefts from feminine-hygiene dispensers have been spotty in the past."
The thefts involved at least six tampon dispensing machines, with a reported loss of at least $7.50 in change. All the thefts took place between June 1-12.
Some of the feminine-hygiene machines "appeared to have been entered with an unknown tool," said McGlothian-Taylor.
The tampon machines are worth about $400. Campus officials are not sure if they have to be replaced.

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Dan said...

Well they missed the opportunity for:
The thefts occurred during the period of 1st to 12th June.