Sunday, July 5, 2009

800 Pound Fat Pig



Anonymous said...

I wonder why pictures of obese women are so intriguing to "funny" forums? There is nothing funny about it, especially when it has a title of an 800 pound fat pig. Our society needs to become more empathetic. Maybe it makes skinny people feel good? ... at the expense of others. Shame on our society. I hope the future will generate morals. And no, I am not overwieght.

SoCalRay said...


Maybe that's why she is the way she is. Somebody should have said "Stop eating so much" earlier.

Shame on our society for not hurting feelings in lieu of discipline.

Thanks for having the guts to leave your name...

The Man said...

Read the Caption!!!!!!
I put both of them together only to see what people might say. I put the pig first but it seems like anonymous assumed I was only talking about the woman.
This piggy will not go to market as sausage
800-pound hog reverses fate by surviving crash, snacking, taking dip in pool

lovey said...

Still, it's insulting. Would a skinny person eating the same cake get the same laugh out of you all? This world is cruel to obese people. It's seems it is the only minority left that people are allowed to pick on.

And yes, I am obese, but have lost 150 lbs in the last 18 months. I am the same loving, generous person I was 150 lbs ago. Society all of a sudden has decided I'm a "good" person now, which is so lame

Please do not poke fun of people until you have lived in their shoes, and know the whole story. My story was I was repeatedly raped when normal weight, so I gained weight as body armor to keep people away. Learn their stories before you judge them, again.

The Man said...

I am not making fun of her directly but it appears she is going to eat that whole cake. Along what appears to be candy bar wrappers on her leg. Lovely I want to congratulate you for losing so much weight. You have will power and discipline. The problem now days there are too people that don't care either about themselves or people in general all they want is to have a good time.
By the way I do weigh 340 pounds but I don’t eat all kinds of bad foods or drink I have problems walking and climbing steps even two or three steps.

SoCalRay said...

My point was that its not anybody else's fault she's overweight. S

She's the ONLY one to blame, not her background, or upbringing, or grades in school.

Thalie said...

Why is it ok to laugh at people who drink to much and get totally wasted, or to make fun of anorexic people who make themselves vomit but it's not ok to laugh at people who eat to much? Some people have hormonal problems that makes them fat but others eat like... pigs. It's not ok to make fun of people just because they are fat but if they make themselves fat like the lady on the picture, they deserve to be made fun of.

If you feel depressed and fat, cake is not going to make everything better.

lovey said...

Thalie...Being drunk is a temporary condition...being obese is not. I personally know no one who laughs at anorexia/bulimia. Most people are horrified by the pics of an anorexic. No one deserves to be laughed at.

I am sorry I am extra sensitive on this subject. But there is even more to my "story" that would explain my sensitivity. I was raped 2 times at normal weight, and then became morbidly obese as body armor. Then 7 years ago, I was again raped by a serial rapist, who targeted obese women. He horrifically beat me and said things that will scar me forever about obesity/fat.

I have come a long way since then. But things like this bug me so much, because it contributes to people's hatred of obesity. This is where I am coming from. I have empathy for this woman...we don't know the real story behind this picture.

Anonymous said...

SoCalRay and the "man" ...

Yes, empathetic. Look it up. I'm sure it's a word you know nothing about.

She is the only one to blame for her weight; however, you have no idea why she is heavy, or if she likes being heavy. This may be her choice. Who the hell are you to laugh at her? Are you perfect?

Little man ... I did not assume anything. You titled this and put her picture along with a pigs picture. What am I not understanding? This isn't rocket science. You are making fun of the woman, not the pig.

After reading the responses I am more convinced then ever that the evolution process has been stifled somewhere along the line with certain gene strains. The mentality here is very low and it is obvious at least one woman is hurting by your laughter. She wrote in telling her story.

If I signed my name to this message how would that make a difference? You still wouldn't know me, and I would never be associated with such a heartless bastard. It doesn't take "guts" to sign your name on a silly blog post ... for God's sake ... get a life!

Thalie said...


You wrote in your last comment: Please do not poke fun of people until you have lived in their shoes. Well I have been fat since I was 4 years old and I am 36 now. I weigh about 200 lbs. My own brother made fun of me when we were kids but when he was older and realized I ate healthy foods and exercised a lot and was still fat he stopped making fun of me. I did not write in my last comment that it was ok to laugh at people because they are fat but if you want to eat a whole cake you will stay fat for sure. There are a lot of people who say they want to lose weight and go on diets but if they lose a pound or two they eat some cake or fast food to celebrate and put the weight back on. You are right about one thing; I don't know the real story behind the picture. If she has emotional problems it does not make it ok to eat that much. It's not healthy no matter what her story is. If you can’t stop eating then it’s time to go to therapy. If you want to stay that way then it's just pathetic.