Sunday, July 26, 2009

False breast and glass eye just some of property left in rented homes

An antique dentist's chair equipped with extraction tools is not the usual thing a landlord expects to find left behind in an average rental property.
But there it was, at the end of the tenancy, after the tenant had packed up and left the house for good.
That is just one of the many bizarre items found in properties.
"There's been the usual crop of dumped hi-fi systems and scrapped Playstations," said Mike Goddard, at Belvoir, "but then comes the bizarre stuff – and every now and again we hear of a new surprise.
Other bizarre leftovers include:
• A Christmas tree decorated in the middle of August, featuring a glass eye as one of the decorations
• A fish tank with two very bemused goldfish, left in the middle of the dining room floor
• A montage of page three models that covered the entire upstairs of a property
• A stuffed sparrow hawk mounted on a plinth• Two surf boards used as "saloon style" doors to get in and out of the kitchen
• A box of 24 out-of-date tins of lager with a fishing rod, kite and false breast
• An external door mounted on bricks and used as a coffee table
A wardrobe full of brand new women's clothes, shoes, jewelry and make-up." Some items were even left as gifts for the landlord," said Mr Goddard.
"One tenant left pickled eggs because he wanted to say thank you and thought the landlord would like them!"

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