Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Man blames store chain for his arrest

A Swedish man wants a local greengrocers to change its name after finding himself overcome with the urge to masturbate every time he spots the store's name - Willy's.
Mats Fagerholm, 35, told police: "It's bad enough with all the cucumbers and other vegetables on display, but then when I see the store's name I just can't help myself. It's not my fault."
The man made the plea to cops after finally being arrested outside a Willy's store in Orebro, southern Sweden.
A police spokesman said: "We have had several reports giving a clear description of the man - he's a serial exhibitionist. In all the complaints we received he was always in the entrance to the store."
One witness said: "He was masturbating shamelessly, I called police and by the time they arrived he had ridden off on a bicycle."
Because of the numerous complaints police were ready to act quickly the next time there was a call and arrested him when he was spotted at one of the grocery chain's stores.
He now faces public indecency charges.

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