Sunday, July 12, 2009

Texting Teen Falls Down Open NYC Manhole

A New York City teenager says she was text messaging while walking down the street — and the next second she was down a manhole.
Alexa Longueira was walking down a Staten Island block and was getting ready to text message when she fell into an open sewer manhole.
Longueira suffered mild cuts and bruises and is expected to recover.
The teen's mother says workers told her they left the manhole open and unattended for just seconds while they went to fetch some cones from their truck.
The Department of Environmental Protection says it is investigating.
"DEP is conducting a full investigation of what happened during a manhole incident on Victory Boulevard where workers were flushing a high-pressure sewer on Wednesday evening," said Mercedes Padilla, of the DEP. "We regret that this happened and wish the young woman a speedy recovery."
The Longueira family says they plan on filing a lawsuit.


Anonymous said...

lol DUmb ass girl!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's reasonable to expect people to look where they are walking.

Anon Y. Mous said...

Not in today's society. Nobody's resposible for their actions or their children's actions. She's likely to also win a legal settlement from the city, which will further setback and new construction or road repair.