Thursday, July 2, 2009

This man was arrested in women's lingerie

Parma police have arrested a man who was spotted driving while dressed in women’s lingerie and exposing himself to passing motorists. At approx. 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Detective Marty Compton says Parma cops received a call from a female who reported a male had just exposed himself to her while driving southbound on Pearl Road at Brookpark Road. The caller further relayed that the guy was wearing women’s lingerie.

The caller continued to follow the male while providing his vehicle direction and description as officer responded. Within a period of minutes the male was located in the parking lot of 5275 Ridge Road. Compton says that ss the arresting officer approached, the male appeared to be in the process of putting on his pants and wiping off his lipstick and gloss. 42-year-old Jeffrey L. Hirsch of Solon was taken into custody while still wearing lingerie on his upper body.

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Mike said...

There was a guy here in town who dressed up in women's clothes. The odd thing is he was mostly otherwise normal and I roughnecked with him on a couple of drilling rigs.

I walked into a convenience store one night and he was standing at the counter, all "dolled up" and buying a six pack. The clerk's jaw was on the floor and couldn't believe it when I spoke to him in a casual manner, asking how he was, who he was working for these days. He told me "See ya 'round." and left, walking out the door in his white dress and matching pumps.

The clerk turned to me and asked "You know him?" I told her yes, told her his name and said I used to roughneck with him. She said "Weren't you shocked by how he was dressed? I sure was!"

I glibly replied "Sure was shocked!"

"I can't believe he was wearing white after Labor Day!"