Saturday, July 11, 2009

Zoo forced to rename primate called 'Obama'

Facing accusations of racial insensitivity, the Dresden Zoo has been forced to rename a baby primate called ‘Obama.’
This spring the zoo in the eastern German city named a newborn mandrill "Obama" after freshly inaugurated US President Barack Obama. But an advocacy group for black Germans demanded that the primate be renamed this week, calling the zoo’s choice racist.
The baby mandrill, which belongs to a species closely related to the baboon, was born on March 23, Manuela Collmar, zookeeper at the zoo’s "Afrika Haus," said. Each year the zoo names all newborn animals beginning with the same letter. "This year they all begin with ‘O,’ and one of the zookeeper’s chose ‘Obama’ – it was meant to be positive and, an honor in light of his visit to Dresden in June," Collmar said, adding that neither she nor her colleagues were aware of the history of using monkeys to caricature and ethnically stereotype black people.


Anon Y. Mous said...

Anything in the world can be some type of ethinic slur. It's all in how you take it.

Tim said...

Being politically correct is always having to say you are sorry.

This story is ridiculous--the monkey should keep his name Obama if the Zoo thinks it wants to torment the monkey with that name.