Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fugitive taunts officers with police van photo

An on-the-run burglary suspect taunted the authorities today with a home-made mug shot showing him standing next to a police van.
Matthew Maynard, 23, is wanted in connection with a burglary in the Mount Pleasant area of Swansea, south Wales, in September.
His mug shot appeared in a South Wales newspaper over the weekend, together with seven others, as part of a police appeal to track down wanted suspects.
Staff at the newspaper was then bemused to get a phone call from Maynard claiming he was unhappy with the photograph they used and that he would send in another.”
“We just didn’t believe that he would do it.”
Maynard did send in a photo of himself via his mobile phone, taunting the authorities by standing in front of a police van.
The snapshot features on the newspaper’s front page today, ensuring the public gets a far clearer image of the fugitive’s face.
The newspaper's editor also used the paper’s opinion column to express his hope that Maynard will be caught sooner rather than later as a result of the extra publicity.
Maynard still remains at large.

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