Sunday, November 15, 2009

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Customs officers seize rabbit poo cigs
More than £1 million worth of counterfeit cigarettes filled with rabbit droppings instead of tobacco have been confiscated by customs officials in Spain.
The fake cigarettes - due to be sold on the black market as famous brands - were discovered after British holidaymakers in the Canary Islands smelled a rat whenever they lit up.
"They stunk. They smell just as you'd imagine burning poo to smell,"
said one customs official in Tenerife.
Police and customs staff arrested 12 smugglers in an undercover operation to intercept the cigarettes as they landed on a boat from China.
"They not only smell bad but the toxic chemicals they give off are pure poison," explained a customs official.
Teen breaks into a school, surfs Internet for pornography
School officials said a 14-year-old student broke into Storm Grove Middle School, damaging doors and surfing the Internet for pornography, according to a juvenile arrest affidavit.
Security cameras at the school captured images of the eighth-grade student crawling under a gate to get inside the campus last weekend, a deputy for the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office said. More cameras caught him going into the custodian’s office, where he looked at porn Web sites for an hour, the affidavit said. The student also caused $1,200 damage to an office door, the Sheriff’s Office said.
A sheriff’s deputy met with the school administration Monday and took the teen into custody. He was charged with felony criminal mischief, burglary of a structure and attempted burglary.

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