Sunday, January 24, 2010

61 billion-to-one fluke or fake

Four card players were astonished to pick up identical straight run hands in a bizarre fluke calculated as a 61 billion-to-one chance.
Lady luck was definitely at the table when the increasingly amazed foursome started to sort through their 13-card hands.
Each found he had a run of cards from an ace through to the 10 and completed with a jack, queen, king flourish.
The freak outcome happened last week as Owen Williams, Meirion Hopkins, Ieuan Griffiths and Mike Harwood sat down to play a game called Crush at Brynamman Industrial Club near Ammanford, South Wales.
They were so intrigued by the outlandish outcome they called Cardiff School of Mathematics to find out what the odds were.
Lecturer Rhyd Lewis astonished them further by calculating the odds at a breathtaking 61,204,166,001 to one.

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