Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dentist's drill bit left behind for 11 months.

Donna Delgado from Tampa, Florida just wasn't healing properly after dental surgery.
There was too much bleeding, too much pain. Her head hurt. She was dizzy. She had nosebleeds and sinus infections.
And with good reason, according to her lawsuit: The surgeon left an inch-long piece of steel in the wound.
She wound up in a hospital, where the medical staff detected the foreign object. She was referred to another hospital for surgery.
"The poor thing," said the lawyer, Anthony Martino. "You don't know how horrible it's been for her."
According to the lawsuit, which asks for unspecified damages and a jury trial, Delgado was experiencing dizziness and numbness on her right side, where the burr was.
Concerned about the numbness, she was taken for emergency treatment at St. Joseph's Hospital.
Not knowing about the burr, doctors performed a magnetic scan that caused the object to move inside her head, Martino said.
"She was in excruciating pain," he said, adding that the shifting of the burr could have killed her.
Doctors debated whether it would be safe to remove the object, but Dr. Dennis Agliano, an ear-nose-and-throat specialist, said it must come out. He removed it.

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