Sunday, January 31, 2010

WWE Body Slam at NJ Acme Supermarket

Police in South Jersey are searching for a man who randomly attacked a shopper earlier this week at an Acme supermarket in Millville, NJ. The brutal attack was caught on store surveillance tape.
The victim's wife, Leslie Ritchie, describes the attack:
"He just came up from behind him, and it was like WWE (a wrestling organization). He picked him up and flipped him over, and his feet were in the air. He landed head first and then down on his back."
Bill Ritchie is recovering at Cooper University Hospital with numerous injuries, including a cracked skull, cracked vertebra and a ruptured spleen:
"I'm upset that I'm going to be out of work for three months 'cause some guy grabbed me and threw me. I'm sick over it."
Police say that after the assault, which took place last Sunday, the suspect finished his shopping, paid for his pre-cooked ham and then calmly walked out of the store.

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