Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chinese workers live in toilet – LITERALLY

Ten Chinese migrant workers are living in a public toilet in the city of Hangzhou, according to local media.
They are believed to have been living there for several months, and the toilet is now kitted out with a bed, cooking facilities and a television.
One of the women said she could not afford to rent a room or pay normal living expenses.

Strong Smell

A woman called Ai, who lives in the female toilets, "We have got used to the strong smell of urine. The worst thing is that people keep stealing my stoves and cooking pots."
Ai's friend Wang Yuhua lives in the male toilets.
"The bad thing is there are mice everywhere," she said.
Local Hangzhou residents are reportedly sympathetic to the plight of the migrant workers and generally avoid using the facilities.
"When I ran inside to use the toilet, I was stunned to see several people sitting around, chatting or doing things," Mr. Du said.
One of the migrant workers even said that a friend of hers was a little envious of her, as she could live in the toilets rent-free.
But a spokesman for the local council warned: "It's forbidden to live inside the toilets, as they are supposed to be for public use."


Bob S. said...

"unbelievable how incredibly poor the Chinese really are"

Traveling Cat said...

"Can't fit too many in the toilet bowl even though they're short people."

Kate L. said...


Steve T said...

"I've been looking for a place with cheaper rent myself. Hmmmmm . . ."

Bob S. said...

"I'll put the word out, writer looking for a dunny"

The Man said...

"Home Sweet Home"

Steve T said...

"Free rent, and a janitorial service cleans your apartment every day! I guess having visitors of the opposite sex over is a problem though." said...

"omg are you serious?, somebody plleaaaaasee tell me this is a joke"

Kate L. said...

No joke

emmanuel o. said...

Toilets are not habitable.